July 4, 2019

Kimpton Saint George launched the Stay Human Project on July 1st (ending Sept 30), a Kimpton-exclusive campaign looking to humanize the guest experience at select Kimpton hotels across the world. The project looks to forge meaningful ties with other guests, experience the true fabric of a destination, and challenge ones preconceived notions about travel. The guest room series transforms one premium room (available for booking) in 20 participating properties into a unique activation that honors the hyper-local character of the surrounding neighborhood. 

At Saint George specifically, the Stay Human Project looks to embody various elements of Toronto, drawing upon local artists, florists, bakers and vendors to give the Stay Human room a local, meaningful feel.

Below is a list of carefully selected experiences placed throughout the room to encourage guest interaction:

The other properties below are running the project on the following dates:

·  Solamar, Aug-Oct 

·  Angler's, Sept - Dec

·  Monaco Chicago, Oct-Dec

·  Monaco Seattle, Oct-Dec