(TORONTO, ON - April 20th, 2020)Now in its third week, the Windsor Arms Hotel in a joint effort with Cerise Fine Catering will donate over 750 meals to first responders and healthcare professionals working on the frontlines. On Monday, April 20th, the Windsor Arms Hotel will deliver 500 boxed lunches to Mount Sinai Hospital, with an additional 250 meals prepared for Bridgepoint Hospital on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020.  

The meal delivery program kicked off three weeks ago on April 2nd, supporting healthcare professionals working tirelessly to save the lives of Canadians as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally. 

After an overwhelming amount of support from the healthcare professionals who received the first initial meal, the message was clear for both parties involved; stand strong together to help flatten the spread of the virus by donating in any way possible.

“Being able to provide meals for the men and women who put themselves on the line every day is an absolute honor. We are glad to be able to provide a healthy meal when it matters the most," remarked George Friedmann - President of Windsor Arms Hotel.

“Recognizing the people who perform extraordinary acts daily, which often goes unnoticed, was one of the main reasons for launching this initiative. It’s a small gesture to support our healthcare professionals fighting on all of our behalf'", said Mateus de Campos – General Manager of Cerise Fine Catering.


(TORONTO, ON - April 9th, 2020) – For the second consecutive week, the Windsor Arms Hotel, in partnership with Cerise Fine Catering, will deliver 500 boxed lunches to support frontline professionals and first responders at the Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto.

As part of a continued effort to support our health care professionals, the Windsor Arms Hotel unites with Cerise Fine Catering to ensure those battling COVID-19 on the frontlines receive a healthy meal to keep on fighting.

This week’s menu is designed by Executive Chef, Shawn Whalen of Cerise Fine Catering. Healthcare professionals and first responders will receive a Mediterranean salad with roasted chicken breast, comprised of Artichokes, chickpeas, green and black olives, green onion, soybeans, roasted red pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, parsley, quinoa, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette served with a granola bar and banana.

“After receiving an overwhelming amount of support from community members and healthcare professionals, we’re giving back in a small way by serving up something fresh in the kitchen,” said George Friedmann - President of Windsor Arms Hotel. 

“Frist responders are being asked to work longer hours and longer shifts, with more patients, the last thing they need to worry about is what they’re going to eat,” remarked Mateus de Campos – General Manager of Cerise Fine Catering


TORONTO, ON - April 2nd, 2020) – Today, the Windsor Arms Hotel, in partnership with Cerise Fine Catering, delivered 500 boxed lunches to first responders at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto, with an additional 1,000 snacks prepared for the University Health Network to support health care professionals on the frontline battling the COVID-19 crisis.

First responders and health care professionals will be delivered a free boxed meal designed by Executive Chef, Shawn Whalen of Cerise Fine Catering. Whalen is 1 of 5 Master Chefs in Canada and the only one in Toronto. 

 “As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, those not involved in the medical field may feel an inability to help. The Windsor Arms Hotel and Cerise Fine Catering wanted to do our part in supporting first responders through this challenging time,” said George Friedmann - President of Windsor Arms Hotel. 

“We’re proud to help the city combat this crisis by providing our brave medical professionals with a meal or snack so that they can focus on what’s most important saving lives," remarked Mateus de Campos – General Manager of Cerise Fine Catering


Phoenix, Arizona (March 20, 2020) –In the face of the biggest economic crisis the hotel industry has ever faced, Best Western Hotels & Resorts (BWHR) is taking steps to ease the financial burden for its hoteliers during this challenging time.

Committed to its loyal BWHR family and understanding the tremendous hardship COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is having on its hoteliers, their employees and their families, BWHR’s Board of Directors and Executive Team have implemented unprecedented measures to afford its hotel owners (members) much-needed relief through May 2020. These measures include:

  • Waiving one half (1/2) of Monthly Fees.
  • Waiving one-half (1/2) of Property Revenue Management Fees.
  • Reducing Best Western Rewards® (BWR®) loyalty point fees charged to members by one-half without lowering points awarded to loyalty program participants.
  • Increasing by 50% hotel redemption compensation for BWR loyalty guest stays.
  • Waiving in entirety BWHR co-op marketing fees.

Recognizing the debilitating impact on hotel revenue and the immediate need to conserve use of capital, BWHR is delaying certain fees until November. The company will also offer extensions to its members related to BWHR’s various programs, enabling hotels to focus on the health and welfare of their guests, associates, families and communities. 

Of note, recognizing that BWHR is a family that unequivocally supports one another through difficult challenges, the company’s Board of Directors and Executive Team voluntarily reduced their compensation by 20%.

“I am proud that our Board of Directors and Executive Team have implemented measures that will provide immediate relief to our hoteliers,” said Peter Kwong, Chairman of the Board, BWHR. “In the coming weeks as this crisis unfolds, we will continue to listen to the voice of our hoteliers and respond to their struggles in meaningful ways.”

“The impact of this global pandemic has been devastating to the livelihood of our hoteliers, their families, and the employees who depend on them,” said David Kong, President and CEO, BWHR. “At BWHR, we are truly a family that stands together, shoulder to shoulder, during a time of crisis. In coming together, not only will BWHR weather this storm, but our nation and industry will emerge stronger than ever.”

BWHR has also extended support to its valued guests by protecting the elite status of its BWR members. All BWR members worldwide have been granted elite status extension through January 2022 without needing to fulfill the necessary qualifications. Status will be maintained for all members regardless of their current tier, ensuring both new and veteran members are protected at this time. BWR is the only industry loyalty program where points never expire, meaning members are not impacted by unpredictable circumstances that could prevent them from using their hard-earned points.

Additionally, BWHR has amended its cancellation policy to afford more flexibility to those whose travel plans may have been impacted by COVID-19. Effective through April 30, 2020, guests with existing reservations for any future travel date may cancel with 24 hours’ notice for a full refund.

To learn more about BWHR, visit:


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